You can choose as many botanicals as you like, but not all combinations are great. The human palate is only capable of distinguishing 5 or 6 flavours at once. So don't go overboard with your recipe. We advise choosing up to 10 botanicals for a great gin.
Juniper and coriander are already part of every gin base we use. You don't need to add them in your recipe, because we've already added them for you.
We are sorry for that. There are over 2000 known botanicals that are used in gin worldwide. We can't stock them all at the moment, but we are constantly adding botanicals to the available options. Just drop us a mail with your request and we'll see what we can do.
Yes, it is. We work with four basic recipes for the gins and add botanicals according to your wishes. We then distill the whole lot to create your own gin.
You don't. You need to trust your palate and our expertise at distilling. But after making over 300 different gin recipes, we are pretty sure that when you give us the botanicals, we will come up with a good gin.
At the moment we bottle all the gins at 43% alcohol content. This means we can use one price for every bottle. But who knows what the future may bring? Just drop us a mail with your request and we'll see what we can do.
We need five working days from your order to shipment. Shipping times are different for every country, so please check your delivery times on the shipping schedule. You will be notified when your gin leaves our building and provided with a track and trace code.
Shipping costs are different for each country. Orders from € 150,- are shipped for free. You can find the shipping costs in our shipping table.
Yes, when you want to order more than 10 bottles, it's more interesting to purchase a "private spirit". Contact us for more information.
We can indeed. We have a unique partnership with iStill in The Netherlands and have done recipe development for over a hundred award winning gins worldwide. Contact us for more information.